How To Track Your Project Pan With Peeknest

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Emily Clark
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Whether you want to know your existing products better, want to reduce the size of your collection, or simply want to use up old items, doing a project pan is a great way to track how well you know and use the products you own.

As it may take many months to reach your goal, a simple way to keep track of your progress will help you stay motivated.

So let's get started and see how you can use Peeknest to 'hit pan'.

1. Create a project pan space

Tap on 'Create a new space' and select the 'Project Pan' template.

2. Add the items you want to pan

Browse your makeup inventory and add the items you want to pan to your project pan space. See how you can create a visual makeup inventory.

3. Track your usage

Each time you use an item, increase the quantity of the item to track how many times you used an item.

4. Take progress photos

Take a progress shot every month by adding an additional photo to the item. This way you can visually see your progress and stay motivated.

5. Work your way towards 'Finished'

As you're halfway through using up the product, move it to the 'halfway' nest, then work your way towards 'Finished'. You can add more stages in between to help you stay motivated.

6. Celebrate 🥳

You've reached your goal! Keep a memory of your achievement in the 'Finished' nest. If it's an item you enjoyed and wish to repurchase, add it to the 'Repurchase' nest and reward yourself!

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